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Redmine project management software for businesses

Collaborative online project management

Your Redmine hosting package offers you all the features of an excellent project management application.
Redmine's intuitive user interface makes it easy to get to grips with.
Its flexibility of use makes it ideal for managing the various players (teams, customers, etc.)
and adapts to all project management methodologies.

Better productivity

With Redmine, you can organize your projects and associated tasks easily and efficiently. Gradually, you'll increase the productivity of your teams and the quality of monitoring of your entire activity.

project management

Project management

Your Redmine, hosted in a virtualized environment, lets you monitor the organization of your projects through centralized task and resource management.

Collaboration management

With Redmine hosting, collaboration really comes to life. Project managers, teams and customers can interact in a dedicated, purpose-built environment.

Activity planning

Your activities are tracked entirely within Redmine. You control the processing of each project request: description, documentation, comments, Gantt, planning, estimated times and times spent.

Redmine for well-thought-out projects

Your well-thought-out projects

Redmine is a great tool for your brainpower! It combines all the functionalities required for the successful implementation of a project management methodology such as Agile.

customer support software

Supporting your customers

You centralize all important information. The history of all requests relating to customer projects are archived in a high-performance, easy-to-use project tool, accessible to your customers.

Secure space

All recorded data is protected and secured in your Redmine environment: encryption of exchanges between the browser and the server, automated backup... Your application is hosted on servers in France.

Features for project managers

Prodmine delivers Redmine software as ahosted service available in SaaS mode.
A powerful tool for collaboration between teams and customers, project design and follow-up are intuitive and efficient. Redmine lets youorganize your workspaces, boost team productivity and enrich customer relations.

The application offers a number of native functionalities. What's more, our support team can develop customized plug-ins to meet your specific functional requirements!

Whatever methodology you use - Prince2, Agile, Scrum, etc. - Redmine helps you master the key stages of project management:

  • Definition: needs analysis
  • Design: building the project and dividing it into tasks/milestones
  • Production: managing the various production phases
  • Validation: delivery and validation of the final elements that make up the final product

Who is Redmine for?

Numerous users in all sectors of activity:

  • entrepreneurs, freelancers and decision-makers
  • large companies, SMEs and VSEs
  • associations, organizations and institutions
  • utilities and government
For common and specific needs

Your standard or customized Redmine


Redmine offers a whole range of essential features for rigorous, controlled project management.

Made to measure

As experts in Redmine plugin development, our team is able to create new features for Redmine that are specific to you.

They use Redmine every day

Join our wonderful customers for whom we host their Redmine application.
They are among them:

Everyday use of Redmine

What's in it for you?


Optimized organization

Structuring projects, organizing tasks/milestones and centralizing exchanges to optimize collaboration between the various players involved


Fast access to your data, optimized exchanges and rapid visibility of project status will save you a lot of time (and money).

Boosted production

An effective organization and management tool, enabling you to make rapid progress on all your projects to boost your productivity and profitability.

As a digital agency for 12 years, we use the Redmine application on a daily basis to organize and monitor our activity. Our customers' projects, as well as our own, are managed entirely with this powerful tool. It's easy to use and perfectly meets the needs of implementing a sound project management methodology. That's why we've been offering Redmine hosting for several years, so that every company can benefit.

Grégory ToucasGeneral Manager
Agence Idéematic