Development of specific features and plugins for Redmine

We upgrade your project management application

We tailor Redmine to your needs

Redmine is written in Ruby using the Ruby on Rails framework .
The flexibility of its design gives it an undeniable capacity to evolve.
In addition to the functional base of this project management application, it is therefore possible toadd new specific functionalities that will be entirely dedicated to you and tailored to your needs.

Expressing your needs

Based on a good knowledge of the possibilities offered by Redmine, the first step is to identify the missing functionalities that would enable you to fully meet your needs.
Our agency is involved in this important phase of expressing your needs.
Together we evaluate the possibilities for meeting them, and bring them into line with the technical solutions.

Development of Redmine evolutions

At the start of the production phase (development of your functionalities, plug-ins, customization), our technical team organizes and plans development by iteration. Placed at the heart of your project, you have complete control over its progress through regular exchanges with our team and permanent access to our agency's Redmine project. You can follow the progress of Redmine development of your specific new functionalities in real time.

Pricing and forfaiting

Depending on the volume of specific development work to be carried out by our Redmine developers, we can offer you a daily rate or a flat-rate package.