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Redmine is an open source online projectmanagement. Developed by Jean-Philippe Lang, the tool runs on the Ruby on Rails platform and has established itself as one of the best online project management tools, not least for its ease of use.

Why choose Redmine?

Redmine offers many advantages over other online project management tools. In fact, Redmine is the ideal tool for managing a single project, or even several projects simultaneously. Its first distinctive feature is its ease of use, while at the same time being a complete and accomplished tool. This makes it a real right-hand man for the project manager, who is responsible for the entire project output to his customers.

Its strengths include :

  • an intuitive interface
  • optimized collaborative management
  • activity history and time management
  • advanced notifications
  • document management (EDM)
  • organization enriched with calendars and Gantt charts
For common and specific needs

Redmine features

Collaborative management

Redmine brings a real methodology to collaborative work, enabling it to be organized and tracked. Project members can see an overview of who's working on the project and what their role is. Each task has a discussion thread to enrich exchanges.


Simple administration: once you've listed your project's tasks and sub-tasks, you can assign them a role. On Redmine, there are as many roles as you like, e.g. for an IT project: "Customer", "Manager" and "Developer". These roles enable you to define the access authorizations that members have on a project. It is also possible to modify the permissions of each of these roles.

job description and requests in Redmine

An intuitive interface

Redmine makes it easy to understand how it works. Its learning curve is very simple. A team can quickly be trained and operational on a large-scale project.

Time management

Redmine has a feature that allows you to view the estimated start and finish of the project, as well as the percentage of completion in real time. It also provides a calendar for a visual overview of the project.

Activity history

The ability to consult the history of requests, modifications and the progress of different tasks, as well as the tracking and history of a particular task. This includes information such as the status of the task in question (new, in progress or resolved), its priority, its due date, the person responsible for the task, etc.


The application offers the option of receiving an email for every change or modification made to a project as a whole, or to a specific task. In this way, the project manager and the whole team are kept up to date with the progress of the project, and the status and updates of the various tasks to which they are associated.

The customer at the heart of the project

Customers can also follow the project's progress: thanks to rights management, they can be alerted and informed of the project's status. They can also add comments, communicate with the team, announce problems, modifications and more.

Robust, efficient online project management

Redmine offers features that make it easy to manage multiple projects. The tool is suitable for all kinds of projects, complex or simple, large or small, and is increasingly used by companies today. Are you interested too? We can set up and host the tool for you! Please see our hosting offers for more details.

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