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Answers to some common questions

Our FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions about using Redmine.
We invite you to contact our customer support team to complete these answers.

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Can I get a demo of Redmine

To give you a first-hand look at some of Redmine's powerful features, we're providing you with a 14-day free, no-obligation evaluation environment. This will enable you to quickly appreciate all the benefits of Redmine.

How do I subscribe to Redmine?

Simply go to the subscription. You'll be able to pay for your subscription online, and your details will be automatically transmitted to us to create your environment.

Can I change my offer later?

For example, have you subscribed to the TEAM package and need to increase the number of users? Simply contact our technical support team and we'll quickly switch your account to the higher package. Billing will be modified in proportion to your consumption.

Is Redmine complicated to use?

Our decision to offer you this hosted service is entirely based on its ease of use. Redmine is a project management tool recognized in its field for its flexibility, ease of use and efficiency.

Do you offer Redmine training courses?

Our agency can offer you training courses to help you get the most out of Redmine. However, we are not accredited as a training organization.

Can I benefit from customized features?

In the context of Redmine, our technical support team can perfectly take your needs into account and develop functionalities specific to your business. We invite you to contact our Idéematic agency at contact@ideematic.com or by telephone on 03 88 23 71 53. Some information is also available here.


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