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The benefits of a connected application

Project management can be relatively time-consuming and complex, requiring considerable human and material resources. In recent years, technological solutions for online project management have been developed and are now offered to companies. Today, these tools have become fundamental in facilitating the organization and management of company activities. In the business world, there are various tools dedicated to controlling information flows, planning, customer relationship management (CRM), coordinating tasks and employee work, etc.

Redmine, the online application

Redmine is an Open Source collaborative project management tool. In fact, it is one of the most popular solutions used in this field. Redmine proves to be a highly effective tool that facilitates various aspects of project management: via a secure platform, the application enables, among other things, the management of user employees (profiles, access rights, etc.), the management of several teams for different projects, the monitoring of these projects or even customer relationship management. For more information and details on the application, please visit our page dedicated to Redmine.

Benefits for the company

All online tools, whatever their functionalities, offer numerous advantages and contribute to the proper management of a company's activities, whatever its size, and thus to improving its sales. In this case, Redmine enables project managers to manage their projects effectively, and the company to have complete control over its costs. In fact, since these project management applications greatly optimize time, staff and customer relationship management, the company can effectively manage resources directly linked to its financial expenses.

Customer benefits

In fact, these applications also represent an advantage for the customer, who
can be integrated into the project management process and follow its progress. This gives them a better understanding of the project's progress. In other words, the customer is included in the project, facilitating collaboration between the company and the customer.

Collaborative management

An online application enables geographically dispersed users to work together andorganize their collaborations.

Improved productivity

Your project is quickly organized and launched, information is easily accessible and roles are clearly assigned. Save time!

Data security

All your project data is centralized in a robust, secure application environment. You benefit automatically from security updates.

Financial savings

No costly in-house infrastructure to install: everything is done automatically on our shared servers, all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Unlimited access

You can access the application and your information from anywhere. You can enjoy all services from any Internet connection, with unlimited access.

Project follow-up

Track the progress of projects and sub-projects. It's also easy to see the dependencies between different projects and tasks, and make the right decisions accordingly.

A shared platform

A platform for faster, better communication. All information is centralized and shared (documents, photos, files, etc.).

User exchanges

Comment feeds let you communicate with the different people involved in the same project or task.

Email notifications

All those involved in a project are notified in real time of the progress of each task. This enables everyone to stay on top of the project and intervene quickly.

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Simplified planning

More efficient

Better monitoring

More efficient

Growing productivity